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Basement to Back Yard

We recently decided that it was time to get organized and clear out some of our belongings in the basement. And, since a good chunk of the items stored in the basement are for the yard or garden, we thought, “Why not start there?” Add this to the fact that if I can find an excuse to purchase a new home improvement toy of some kind, I will, and… voila! Next thing you know, we’re installing a new little shed in our little back yard.

So, we thought we’d share with you our newest addition and show you a few snapshots along the way of the (relatively) easy installation.

The small brick patio for the shed to sit on.

We chose a nice spot in the back corner and leveled out the ground before using bricks (original to our home, which adds a nice element) to build a small little pad for it to sit on.

A close up of the brick patio.

Here’s a close-up shot!

The black base of the shed.

The installation was pretty simple!

The assembly of the shed.

Hayes enjoying the back yard!

Here is one of my helpers enjoying some sun shade in the back yard : )

The finished shed.

Ta da! Here’s the finished product nestled nicely in the corner of the yard.

Anybody else have a recent update to their outdoor space? We’d love to hear about your projects too, so feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. Pat

    Thursday, 2013-08-01 at 7:04 am

    Very professional looking!

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