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Tips and Ideas
Helpful tips and ideas when it comes to all aspects of design.

Wordless Wednesday – Nestled Nook

Desk nestled into a nook.

Image found here!

Tuesday Tip – Make the Most of Your Windows

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Tuesday Tip – Make the Most of Your Windows:

Let in more light, open up your space, and feature your windows with a few simple tricks. Try hanging your window treatments at full ceiling height or at least above the window frame. This will draw your eye up and add visual height to the room. Also try hanging them wider than the window frame, which will expand the window, making it seems larger than it really is.

Check out these images below for examples of how to make the windows a true feature in the space!

Ceiling height window treatments.

Open airy window treatments.

Window treatments in bedroom.

Images found here!

Tuesday Tip – Start Fresh!

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Tuesday Tip – Start Fresh:

Use the down time over the holidays to de-clutter your home and donate unused items. Go through closets, drawers and shelves. Start the New Year with a fresh, clean home!
Clean, organized pantry

Get inspired by this clean, organized and beautiful pantry!

Image found here!

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