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Tuesday Tips
helpful design tips to inspire you!

Tuesday Tip – Decorative Storage

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Tuesday Tip – Decorative Storage:

Let decorative storage be your friend! There are so many options out there that will not only help clean up your clutter, but also blend seamlessly into your space. Give it a go!

Check out the images below of spaces that use decorative storage creatively and flawlessly!

Laundry room with creative storage.

Organized desk space.

Organized closet with decorative storage.

Built-in shelves with decorative storage.

Organized office with creative storage.

Images found here!

Tuesday Tip – Breathe Life with Fresh Flowers

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Tuesday Tip – Breathe Life with Fresh Flowers:

Liven up your space with the beautiful colors and textures of fresh flowers. Adding plant life to your spaces, whether it be fresh-cut flowers or potted indoor plants, will breathe crisp life and natural beauty into your home!

Whether it be lilacs in the powder room, roses in the bedroom or tulips in the dining room, fresh flowers also create lovely and inviting aroma to your space. Plus, they are a relatively inexpensive accessory that allows you to inject some fun and personality into a space. There are endless ways to arrange flowers to fit the look and feel of your space. For example, a small sophisticated arrangement for the corner of your executive desk or a organically arranged vintage bucket of wildflowers for your sunroom, just to name few.

Check out the images below of spaces that are alive with the beauty of fresh flowers!

Fresh flowers on coffee table.

In this space, they add a contrasting pop of color!

Fresh flowers on coffee table 2.

Here they add a great texture too!

Fresh flowers on coffee table 3.

Overscale flowers add drama to a space!

Fresh flowers on vanity.

Here they bring life to an otherwise minimalist space.

Fresh flowers on dining table.

Here a loose arrangement gives a casual feel!

So, go ahead and add life to your home this Spring!

Images found here!

Tuesday Tip – Make the Most of Your Windows

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Tuesday Tip – Make the Most of Your Windows:

Let in more light, open up your space, and feature your windows with a few simple tricks. Try hanging your window treatments at full ceiling height or at least above the window frame. This will draw your eye up and add visual height to the room. Also try hanging them wider than the window frame, which will expand the window, making it seems larger than it really is.

Check out these images below for examples of how to make the windows a true feature in the space!

Ceiling height window treatments.

Open airy window treatments.

Window treatments in bedroom.

Images found here!

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